December 11, 2020

Is an asbestos survey required and if so, what type of survey?

Asbestos survey types
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What age is the property?

Buildings built after 2000, then Asbetsos Containing Materials (ACMs) should not have been used, as use of any asbestos banned in 1999.

Is there any existing previous asbestos information or register?

Check for previous reports, building registers or asbetsos remediation documents present. If reports are present, check any limitations and areas not accessed.

Are there comprehensive, reliable as-built records (health and safety files if post-2004)?

Record of inclusion or omission of ACMs in drawings and/or contract documents should be checked.

Is the building redundant and/or unoccupied?

Risk may be managed by preventing uncontrolled access, but emergency arrangements need to be considered. Building use can change, this is not a permanent solution and future use and planned change should be considered.

Have ACM’s been removed previously?

Care must be taken when assessing if asbetsos is present, regulations and guidance for asbetsos removal were not always as stringent as they are now. Ensure previous remediation works were carried out properly.  For example – where sprayed asbestos, protection of steelwork, has been used, there is the risk that overspray may remain in crevices, voids or even within the linings or fabric of the building.

Which asbetsos survey do I need?

To comply with the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012’, ensure that the correct asbestos survey is carried out to identify and enable management of the risk of any ACMs that are present. Asbetsos surveys are designed to locate and detail the extent and condition of any ACMs within a pre-2000 building. They will also outline any required remedial actions such as asbestos removal or encapsulation if required. The two types are;

Management Surveys

As a rule, asbestos management surveys and re-inspection surveys are non-intrusive, and are aimed at buildings under normal occupancy with minor maintenance works and access all accessible parts of a building.

Refurbishment / Demolition Surveys

Asbestos refurbishment surveys and/or asbestos demolition surveys need to be conducted prior to any work being undertaken to alter fabric, fixtures, fittings, or any major structural changes including demolition. These inspections are more intrusive and often include things like breaking through walls to access behind cladding, uprooting floor coverings and fixed ceilings.

We hope our brief guide above assists you as to whether an asbetsos survey is required or not. Next week we question the efficacy of asbetsos testing yourself with a home testing kit VS an appointment of asbetsos consultant.

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