May 2, 2022

Meet the company: Summit Environmental

We are a consultancy specialising in surveys for hazardous materials and assessments
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What do we do?

We are a consultancy specialising in surveys for hazardous materials such as asbestos, anthrax and lead, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’’s) including retrofit assessments, fire risk assessments, water testing and water risk assessments.

How did we come up with our company name?

Our managing director Mark Elwell has a background of environmental studies and ecology with hobbies of rock climbing and the name that combined the two, just stuck. To summit implies the topmost level attainable, which is what we aim for all our customers.

When was the company started and why?

August 2018. A company I was working for was bought out, therefore the future of the company I was working at looked to be at risk. Having worked for several companies previously and working all over the country at the drop of a hat, with the birth of my daughter, I wanted more autonomy and flexibility in my working life. We wanted to decide on what we did and how we did it and clients we wanted to work with.

What makes us different?

Anyone managing or buying and selling commercial or residential premises will need an asbestos survey, fire risk assessment, energy performance certificate and legionella testing. We are a one stop shop for our clients giving time and cost savings sending one consultant rather than using four different companies.

What has been your best or favourite job/project to date?

So many to mention from a one bed flat that needs asbestos testing and EPC, all the way to an oil rig and marine vessel, where we complete inventories of hazardous materials, we love them all. No two jobs are the same, we love to assist clients with compliance and managing hazardous materials when buying and selling properties or when planning refurbishment works. Several clients have us on speed dial…..

The Summit Mantra!

What – Reduce risks to life, improve the built environment and protect the natural world.

Why – We do it right… because it matters.

How – We provide solutions that solve our clients’ problems.

Asbestos, fire or EPC survey?

Contact Details:

Phone – T.  0203 874 9530, 01342 835 140, 01424 612288, 01444 812 388

Email –

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Summit Environmental
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