August 2, 2019

What is ‘asbestos abatement’ and ‘asbestos remediation’?

Some Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) are more vulnerable to damage and therefore more likely to release fibres than others
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What is ‘asbestos abatement’ and ‘asbestos remediation’?

Some Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) are more vulnerable to damage and therefore more likely to release fibres than others. ACM’s which are in good condition, sealed and/or repaired are unlikely to be disturbed and can be left in situ. When ACM’s are disturbed, they are likely to release airborne fibres which can then pose a risk to health.

The term "asbestos abatement" and "asbestos removal" is used to refer to procedures that are used to control fibre release from asbestos containing materials in a building, or to remove the materials entirely. Remediation can include removal, encapsulation by way of over boarding or encasement and finally repair.
‘Asbestos abatement’ and ‘asbestos remediation’ is a specialist service and should only be undertaken by competent contractors.

How do you know the company you are appointing is competent?

Asbestos removal projects are associated with high costs and therefore the risks if not undertaken or managed correctly can be high. if you have experience in dealing with asbestos and the risks posed, you may not need assistance. how much risk does the asbestos pose? Does the asbestos need to be removed?

Can you remove asbestos yourself?

It is advised that you never attempt to remove asbestos yourself. Once asbestos has been damaged, it can become dangerous, as the asbestos fibres are released into the air and might be breathed in. Need to know more if the material is asbestos, undertake asbestos testing or an asbestos survey to identify if asbestos is present.

Damaged asbestos or a legacy issue?

Many removal jobs in the past were not carried out to a high specification, and quantities of asbestos debris may remain in an area supposedly now free of asbestos. A number of buildings are also still requiring surveys therefore no knowledge of asbestos containing materials exist. once identified asbestos management and often remediation is required. does your building contain damaged asbestos?

Does asbestos removal qualify for tax relief?

Following an act which was introduced in 2001, it has been the law that all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) which have been removed from a building site or any type of dwelling are entitled to a 150% tax rebate. This was put into place to encourage the removal of these types of materials from public dwellings and covers any expenses which were created as a result of moving the materials. To give a simplistic example, if a company spent money as part of their asbestos removal process, they could then subtract it and more from their taxable income.

Summit Environmental and Asbestos Remediation Management

Managing an asbestos repair or removal contract can be a time-consuming and complex business. We work for our clients and ensure we provide appropriate guidance to our client. Our advice and consultancy services can be based around;

  • Enabling and Planning – Writing asbestos removal specifications and tender documentation, completing tenders and appointment of approved Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARC’s). This can also include audits and vetting of method statements and plans of work.
  • During – Full site management and supervision of contractors, with provision of UKAS accredited asbestos fibre air monitoring.
  • On completion – We can update asbestos registers following works and complete site audits and investigations.
  • Asbestos air monitoring. A four-stage clearance is the procedure carried out by independent test facilities, following licensed asbestos removal works. A visual inspection must be conducted by an independent analyst to ensure that the area has been cleaned to a satisfactory standard and is suitable for re-occupation.
  • on completion of the asbestos removal works, updating your records, asbestos register and your asbestos management plan on completion of asbestos remediation works is just as important as the works themselves. Undertaking time in the management of your records will keep you compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 is highly important, we can help.

Contact us at Summit Environmental if you have asbestos that needs management, remediation management during removal or any of our bespoke services above.

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