March 20, 2021

Why do we have EPC’s on our homes?

Learn about EPC, what it is and why it's used.
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Did you know that in the U.K. between 25% and 30% of CO2 pollution comes from our homes, that is indeed a great deal of pollution, and when you review your domestic energy performance certificate, not only will it tell you the environmental changes you could make to your property, it also calculates the quantity of CO2, that you are puffing into the air and also how you could reduce the effect upon the environment by reducing the tonnage of CO2 that your property is emitting  and potentially saving you money too.

Virtually every day on the National News, and certainly International News there are stories of how Mother Earth is reacting to what we do to it. However just in case you do not have the news on:

  • Ice caps Retreating,
  • Artic Sea Ice Thinning,
  • Global Sea Levels Raising by 1-2mm per year,
  • Global Snow Cover Decrease By 10% in Fifty Years,
  • Weather Related Economic Losses Have Increased Ten Times in Forty Years,
  • The Huge Bush Fires That We Have Seen in Australia, And The USA,
  • In the U.K. Since 2000, We Have Had Some of The Warmest Summers Ever.

It is now even more critical to monitor what we are doing far more accurately and formulate plans so as to change what we have done for so long and to find a new normal. This new normal will be zero CO2 emissions, and with a target date of 2050.

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