Fire Risk Assessment Surrey

The fire risk assessment in Surrey will identify things that you can do to prevent fires. Our risk assessments offer expert guidance and excellent prices.
Fire Hazards South East

Fire Risk Assessments Surrey

Welcome to Summit Environmental.

Our specialist team of assessors offer fire risk assessments across Surrey and throughout the South East. A fire risk assessment is a systematic system that looks at a building, how the building operates and what the chances are of a fire hurting people or causing damage to the building itself. We have extensively trained and accredited risk assessors, who have worked in a variety of buildings, including large office blocks and HMOs.

Our Risk Assessments include a range of services, which include:

  • Identifying possible fire risks
  • Looking at potential sources of ignition
  • Looking at things that could be sources of fuel
  • Determining any vulnerable people on site
  • Establishing what kind of equipment there is for evacuation and making the necessary plans
  • Identifying access routes
  • Providing advice to employees on site

How Can We Make Sure That Your Building is Compliant?

Our expert staff can provide you with schedules of any required remedial work and the equipment that you need. We can sometimes give you advice on possible additions to your building, like ensuring that relevant regulations are adhered to, fire extinguishers and fire alarm checks.

Fire Hazard Specialists

Unfortunately, fires can be catastrophic and can have an immense impact on homes and businesses. We are a dedicated team of fire risk professionals, who work hard to ensure that your premises is as protected as it can be from any fires. We have a high level of training and a wide range of different skills, so that we can provide you with advice on the relevant rules, we can identify fire hazards and offer you guidance on what steps you can take to address risks and limit a fire taking place.

What Can Our Fire Risk Assessors Do For You?

We have in-depth knowledge and the different needs of domestic and commercial properties when it comes to fire risks, so we have many different services, which can help protect you from fire:

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Emergency Lighting & Signage
  • Fire Alarm Checks
  • Fire Door Surveys
  • Fire Doors

Fire Risk Advice

If you would like further details on fire risk assessment in Surrey, or the things you can do to help limit the possibility of a fire, contact us today. Call us on 0203 874 9530 or email us on

Fire Risk Consultants Surrey

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