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For fire risk assessments in West Sussex, contact Summit Environmental. We can provide an expert fire risk assessment for commercial or domestic premises.
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Fire Risk Assessments

Welcome to Summit Environmental.

If you need a fire safety consultancy firm to carry out a fire risk assessment, we can help. We have a specialist team of fire risk assessors, who are experts in the field. We have provided assessments to many different structures throughout the South East, ensuring that fire safety is adhered to and that all fire regulations are followed. A fire risk assessment can help to look at the building, how it runs, what potential risks there might be and what the chance is of a fire impacting either property or those within it.

Every member of our team are thoroughly trained and have been appropriately certified. Our assessors have in-depth experience and have carried out fire risk assessments on HMOs, smaller businesses premises and large office blocks.

What Does a Fire Risk Assessment Include?

  • Look at possible fire risks
  • Examine potential sources of ignition
  • Look at items that could be fuel sources
  • Establishing the who may be vulnerable on site
  • Make evacuation plans and look at existing equipment
  • Identifying access and escape routes
  • Provision of advice to the employees on site
  • Identify fire prevention measures

How to Make Your Property Compliant

After you've had a risk assessment, we will give you a schedule of remedial works that need to be carried out to become compliant. Our team will also give you advice on any equipment that may be useful. On top of that, we will also provide recommendations on fire extinguishers and fire alarm checks, so that you can make sure your property is in line with regulations.

Fire Risk Specialists

Fires have the potential to cause a huge amount of harm to people, businesses and homes, which means providing adequate protection is crucial. We are committed fire risk professionals, who take pride in delivering high quality fire safety services. We are dedicated to making sure that your building is in line with the most up to date fire legislation.

We are extensively trained and provide many beneficial skills, and the expertise to give you the guidance you need to put the right plans and preventative measures in place, so that the chance of fire is reduced.

Fire Services for You

Our team know that every property has different needs when it comes to the potential hazard of fire. Different types of properties have different requirements, so we offer a range of services to support all needs, including:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Alarm Checks
  • Fire Door Surveys
  • Emergency Lighting & Signage

Specialist Fire Assessors

If you would require fire risk assessments in West Sussex, please get in contact today. Call us on 01444 812 388 or email us on

Fire Risk Consultants

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